Let's See if We're a Good Fit

If you're interested in coaching with me, I want you to know that your success is important to me. Coaching is a big commitment and we need to be on the same page about what it involves. If you can say yes to the following statements, we're likely to be a good fit. I offer a 30 minute free discovery call for those who want to move forward with my unique approach to migraine relief.

  • You've tried everything under the sun to heal your migraines except copper/zinc balancing and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis.

  • You believe that diet, lifestyle, attitude, and stress response all play a role in your migraine pattern, and you're ready to be proactive in healing these areas of your life.

  • You know that healing takes time and you're committed to a journey of transformation and discovery. You're ready to do this with an ally by your side.

  • You're ready to financially invest in exploring new approaches to migraine relief.

  • You're tired of suppressing, and you believe your body has the innate power to heal when given the right support. You just need to learn how to support it.

  • You're committed to making space in your life to study, listen, pay attention to your body, and make changes in your life to heal.

  • You prefer to address migraine from the root cause and reduce, minimize, or eliminate reliance on suppressive pharmaceuticals whenever possible.

Marya McCormick


Marya McCormick

Instructor, Founder of Minerals for Migraines

Marya is a wellness coach, migraine researcher, cranio-sacral therapist, writer, Mother, citizen scientist, and thought leader in holistic migraine relief.

Marya's chronic migraines reared their head after a traumatic c-section operation. After 2 years of experimentation, Marya was able to get rid of her migraine symptoms completely - but when she stopped her intensive routine, her migraines came right back. So she set out on a quest to discover the root cause of migraine, eventually discovering Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA). By balancing her minerals, Marya was finally able to graduate from the School of Chronic Migraine.

Marya now helps others worldwide to resolve their migraines through mineral balancing and especially copper/zinc balance, which is at the core of Marya's approach to a migraine-free life.

Marya is a fierce critic of the way that hormonal birth control methods and pharmaceutical medications are worsening women's overall health and contributing to the epidemic of chronic migraine. She is a proponent of natural and holistic approaches to migraine that address the underlying emotional, cultural, and spiritual aspects of chronic migraine.

Marya studied bodywork at East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland, Oregon, then went on to specialize in biodynamic craniosacral therapy through a 2.5 year training with the International School of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (mentoring with Michael Shea, PhD). She studied Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis with Rick Malter, PhD, of the Malter Institute.

After years of coaching women with migraines caused by hormonal imbalances, she decided to take coursework with midwife Sarah Bly - expanding her knowledge base in body literacy, fertility awareness and women's hormonal health.

Previous to her work in the healing arts, Marya did publicity in the environmental nonprofit sector, working to keep mining corporations accountable, aquifers clean, and rivers free-flowing in her home state of New Mexico.

She lives on the Washington side of the beautiful Columbia River Gorge with her husband and two sons.